Successful China Strategies

Sinn & Company will help you successfully take advantage of China as a purchasing resource, manufacturing base and marketing destination.

But in order to do that, we first need to agree upon what strategy is, in fact, right for you. Rather than selling a one-size-fits-all, shrink-wrapped solution for buying or selling in China, we work to fully understand your business goals and objectives. For a more detailed view of our Process Flow, please see our Steps To Success section.

From this foundation, Sinn & Company can become the architect of a long-term strategic China vision for your company. We will help you organize your tactics. We can shorten your company's learning curve and increase speed to market.

Not all strategic directions are right for every company. In many cases, they are sequential: a company first learns to source products from Chinese manufacturers, then establishes a manufacturing presence in China, and finally begins to sell products directly into Chinese markets.

Our role is to determine which of the three strategies (or what combination of them) is right for your company.

China: A Purchasing Resource
China: A Manufacturing Base
China: A Marketing Destination