The China Trip

Planning is the key to a successful trip. All potential intermediaries will be pre-screened, pre-tested and proven as viable business partners.

The objective is to visit enough relevant potential partners, factories, distributor networks and other logistical links to establish benchmarks that allow us to make intelligent decisions about doing business in China as it pertains to our China strategy.

The trip is busy, yet relevant. You will meet a lot of people, visit a lot of facilities, and go to several cities. Your experience will be educational, safe, healthy, comfortable and fun – but not relaxing.

While your trip will be planned and developed specifically for your company, we have prepared a typical trip for a manufacturing company to give you an idea of the level of activity involved.

Expected Outcome

Your China Trip will provide important answers toward implementing your successful China strategy.
    What should be outsourced, manufactured or sold in China?
    What operations are difficult for China?
    What operations should not be done in China?
You will gain an appreciation for critical factors for success – communication, culture, education, resources, and people.

You will gain an understanding of China capabilities - manufacturing, raw materials, workforce, intellectual manpower, and quality control in order to build your US team to manage your China strategy.

You will be able to evaluate potential partners or factories according to their management style, quality, technical ability, communication skill, flexibility, ease of doing business and trustworthiness.

You will be able to determine if an intermediary is needed for better communications and quality assurance, or if you will be able to deal directly with factories or distributors.

And ultimately, you will be able to move forward to implement a successful strategy to take advantage of China as a resource.