China: A Manufacturing Base

Strategic Value:

By establishing a manufacturing base in China, either as a Joint Venture, wholly owned subsidiary, wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE) or through acquisition, your company will be able to take advantage of cost economies for your own products, as well as be able to provide manufacturing services for both U.S. and Chinese customers.


Sinn & Company will analyze your manufacturing processes to determine whether Chinese manufacturing is a viable strategy.

Using Sinn & Company as your experienced guide, you will visit China (see The China Trip for a sample itinerary) to evaluate the chemistry between you and your potential partners, and to see first-hand the logistics of China operations including availability of raw materials, workforce, intellectual manpower, quality control and distribution strategy.

Sinn & Company will help you organize your company for doing business day-to-day with your Chinese manufacturing operations and distribution network.

We will work with you to develop communications, logistics and quality assurance processes.

Sinn & Company will implement your manufacturing strategy and set it into motion.


Utilizing China as a manufacturing base can further improve your company's profitability, over a sourcing-only strategy. Your company will have more control and focus on its strategic direction. Your company will realize incremental business from customers due to China competency. Through this process you will gain permission to sell in China, which will give your company the ability to compete in Asia.