China: A Marketing Destination

Strategic Value:

Establishing a presence in China allows your company the opportunity to sell products into Chinese markets as well as throughout Asia from your China base.


Sinn & Company will analyze your company's marketing strategy, competitive advantage and long-term business plans.

Using Sinn & Company as your experienced guide, you will visit China (see The China Trip for a sample itinerary) to evaluate distribution networks, sales representatives, China office locations and staff.

Sinn & Company will assist you in setting up your business infrastructure, hiring and training staff, purchasing equipment, developing trade secret and IP protection strategies, setting up operational logistics, and establishing distribution channels and sales offices.

Sinn & Company will help you organize your company for doing business day-to-day with your Chinese marketing operations.


Approaching China as a marketing destination can broaden your company's opportunities for sales and profits. Sinn & Company's China experience and connections will help you shorten this process, giving you a competitive advantage in your company's speed to market, and thereby significantly increasing your return on investment.