Research Intermediaries, Factories, Distributors and Sales Representatives

Once Sinn & Company has helped you determine which products or components represent the best opportunities for China involvement, we will help you prepare and send product samples, drawings, Requests for Quotation and other preliminary information to proven intermediaries and factories.

We will initiate high-level communication with contacts in China.

We take advantage of research and information from trade associations, trade shows, the U.S. government and organizations like the World Council on Trade.

We will review and adjust elements of our China strategy based on information received and opportunities revealed.

Distribution and sales networks will be researched, to determine if Sales Representatives, Joint Ventures, Rep Offices, Wholly-owned Subsidiaries or combinations of these can be used to leverage your China Strategy.

We will analyze manufacturing capabilities and cost information and establish a short list of viable China partners.

Our short list will provide the basis for The China Trip.