China: A Purchasing Resource

Strategic Value:

In a global market, companies must locate production where it is most cost-effective. For those who choose to seek out opportunities for sourcing products from China, Sinn & Company can accelerate the process, increase the success rate and reduce the risks.


Sourcing begins with analysis of your company's products, from an engineering point of view. Together we will determine which products or components can be effectively manufactured or assembled in China.

Sinn & Company researches potential intermediaries and factories in China, establishing lines of communication with contacts.

Using Sinn & Company as your experienced guide, you will visit China (see The China Trip for a sample itinerary)to see first-hand the capabilities of China companies and evaluate the chemistry between you and your potential partners.

Sinn & Company will help you organize your company for doing business day-to-day with your Chinese partners.

We will work with you to develop communications, logistics and quality assurance processes.

Sinn & Company will implement your sourcing strategy and set it into motion.


Companies that effectively use China as a purchasing resource achieve or maintain their competitive advantage. They are able to use this advantage to increase market share or expand into new markets. They are able to increase their company's gross margins and enhance profitability.