A few words from Clients and Colleagues

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William's experience in US and China business practices allowed him to successfully navigate on both sides of the ocean. Under his tenure a new factory was built to world-class standards, a solid foundation of middle management staff were hired and trained, and aggressive sales and distribution development strategies were implemented.
   Joseph Weisiger
   Formerly President, Sullair Corporation

William was able to see the big picture and break it down into small parts to see the little picture. He analyzed where we were, told us what to do and how long it would take. He took us to a whole new level of quality and lower cost.
   Tom Slater
   Owner and CEO, Actron Manufacturing Company

William helped us find the right partners and communicate effectively. The combination of William's ability to understand our business, his contacts in China and his ability to communicate our needs made the China Trip very worthwhile.
   Nick Jammal
   CEO and President, Ashtabula Rubber Company

In addition to his strong leadership and strategic mind, William's east-meets-west experience certainly makes him a sought-after manager and consultant for "overseas" companies seeking success in China markets, and "local" Chinese companies trying to explore overseas markets.
   Gary Wu
   Chief Financial Officer, Shenzhen Sullair Asia Industrial Company Ltd.

William was directly responsible for significantly reducing the cost of my products by developing and implementing numerous manufacturing solutions in China. His no-nonsense approach fosters rapid results. His honesty and integrity creates an environment that Americans and Asians feel comfortable working with.
   John D. Wiedemann
   President, JS Products, Inc.

William Sinn was assigned to lead in establishing and developing distribution in the Asia and Pacific Rim markets, from Japan to New Zealand and westward to Thailand and China. His energy and enthusiastic attitude make him successful in greenfield work. His work resulted in joint ventures in Japan and China.
   Robert Shaffer
   President, Air Squared Inc.
   Formerly General Manager, Powerex Division, Campbell Hausfeld Company

William has led us through extensive strategy and then detailed planning of our efforts. He has spent the time required to become familiar with our business and business environment. He helped us to get a considerable amount of information regarding the best type of components to source, what region to look for them and several companies to test. He then planned an extensive visit for us which was targeted at not only introducing us to China, the culture, and many individual potential sources, but also helped us to begin developing the relationships so necessary to doing business in that part of the world.
   Walt Sterneman
   President, Reelcraft Industries, Inc.

William played an important role in helping us develop a successful business strategy. It was as if he was part of our executive staff. The value William brought to the table in implementing our strategies was through his vast network of business associates throughout Asia. It put us months, even years ahead in establishing relationships of suppliers and business partners, ultimately saving us time and money.
   Jim Davis
   Materials Manager/China Team Leader, Reelcraft Industries Inc.