Packing Tips:

Universal travel AC adapter: If you bring electronics such as computer, hair drier or electronic shaver, you need an AC adapter. Chinese electric system operates at 220 volts. Chinese plugs are three-pronged, similar to those in Australia; generally, mid-range hotels have two-pronged outlets in bathrooms, but residents of all other countries who want to use appliances outside the bathroom will have to buy an adapter to change the shape of the plug. The electricity in China is not especially stable, especially in rural areas, so if your trip takes you out of city areas, pack light on appliances and heavy on battery power.

Medical Supplies: Bring a few over-the-counter medicines for diarrhea, headache, fever, most medicine can be bought in China, but some have many side effects. Bring your doctors prescriptions or a list of drug names as well. In case you need prescription medicine, ask a doctor what you take usually. The doctor frequently will prescribe what you want. In the absence of a medical history, doctors will entrust you to be your best doctor.